Display in music

Music and visibility necessarily go hand in hand and are hardly viable without each other. In 1966, Jac Holzman had already grasped this. Founder of Elektra Records, Holzman was one of the first to popularize the billboard advertising method in music by booking a billboard on a hotel in Los Angeles to promote The Doors’ latest album.

 “I wanted artists, DJs and writers to know we were here. They must see it when they go to work or return from it.” The least we can say is that it was a hit seeing the numerous calls received from all kinds of music professionals and the reactions aroused by the public.

Dua lipa / Giant chalk circle

More than 55 years later, posters and billboards are still a major part of our lives: we see them and pay attention to them regularly, whatever their format may be. Physical displays resisted the internet and have managed to coexist with it. In the era of web 2.0, everyone shares their life, their desires, their activities or their discoveries on their various Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram accounts. What would your reaction be to a building-sized billboard?

Your jaw might drop at first, in the following instants you would draw your smartphone to immortalize this moment and then share it with all your followers! The amplification of news and the speed at which they circulate on the Internet, particularly through social networks make it possible to reach an audience that is not necessarily exposed to physical advertisements in the streets and therefore allow increased visibility.

Antwerp hip-hop artist Miss Angel on display at Times Square

Although timeless, the poster has inevitably evolved. Side-by-side with paper formats, digital displays nowadays allow additional creativity and a significant dynamism. What better exemplifies this other than Times Square? In the evening, the famous New York street sparkles with eye-catching information. For instance, Spotify has a space dedicated to the promotion of musical artists of all styles. Every Friday, the streaming platform highlights 5 artists on a huge digital panel in the American megalopolis which, according to the platform’s head of partnerships, generates great enthusiasm from passers-by, fans and the artists themselves who rush to photograph the moment.

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